Mga Papuri

Mga papuri para sa Foodcourt:

“For a first time comic maker, the storytelling is pretty good!  I think he followed Elbert’s advice quite well and came up with a very simple but well told story.  I just didn’t expect the ending and it kinda left me hanging.  But overall, it’s one of the nicest indies I’ve read so far in this batch.
Joanah Tinio Calingo

“Panalo ang kuwento ni Andoy. Kung nagsulat siya noong ‘80s or ‘90s, tiyak na mapa-publish sa Love Life o sa ibang love story-oriented comics natin ang Food Court. Kung sa akin niya isa-submit noon, approved ito sa Extra Special, and could have been illustrated either by Cal Sobrepena or Nar Cantillo.”
KC Cordero

“The art looked so natural; it clearly evokes emotions. The pacing was clear and understandable. The creator really has a noticeable talent for storytelling.”
Ikos Komiks

“The writing was the one that impressed me. A lot. Many times do I see Filipino comics use English as their main language, and it is both refreshing and sad to read something that uses my mother tongue beautifully. It has been a while since I’ve seen somebody use Filipino words like Andoyman does. He wrote poetically, like a true romantic does, but without the need for deep, oft-forgotten words, only opting for anything English when necessary or as a punchline, which thankfully does not happen often.”

Mga papuri para sa Ang Sumpa:

“The art and its inking is sharp. The paneling and pacing is balanced so that the dense speech balloons do not overwhelm any panel or page.”
Erica Gonzales

“Andoyman’s visual storytelling is deft, confident, and well-paced. i love his semi-realistic manga-style character designs, which suit the story perfectly, and especially love his characters’ expressive faces –not an easy thing to pull off when working with realistic designs.
Macoy Tan

“The book has a lot of noticeable improvement from the artist. Better dialogues, better paneling and composition.”
Ikos Komiks

“I didn’t know much that the comics I bought were just as good as the ones I got from Macoy (creator of School Run).”
Keva Mico

“The story is intriguing, and pace is okay.”
Joanah Tinio Calingo

“Eto yung komiks na talagang mabibitin ka at masasabik sa mga susunod pang issue.”
Kristopher Dimaano Garello

“The strongest aspect about the art is Andoyman’s drawing of facial expressions. It takes a considerable amount of skill to fully convey an emotion through facial expressions and he successfully brings out what they feel with little effort. For the most part they are in tune with whatever the character is saying at the time. Even without dialogue, the emotions appear believable and very realistic.”


At iba pa:

Bored? This is a job for Andoyman!


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